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Mount Pleasant Baptist Church
September 23, 2017
8:30 a.m.
First Lady,
Rev. Sharon Culley
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Peace Vigil

St. Matthias R.C. Church
Franklin Township
August 20, 2017
SOMERSET, NJ - Hundreds of people attended a community vigil hosted by the Franklin Township Interfaith Council at St. Mathias Church Sunday night, to show support for Charlottesville, and to stand in solidarity with one another. 
Franklin Township is home to more than 60 different spiritual houses of worship, and more than 60 different languages are spoken by its public school children at home, it is a very diverse town, to say the least.

Last week Dr. Alex Kharazi, president of the Franklin Township Interfaith Council sent out a statement to members of the community saying, "We are deeply saddened and concerned by emboldened hatred and violence that is taking place across our nation with the latest (example) being Saturday with a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia that resulted in 19 people injured and the death of Heather Heyer." Kharazi's statement went onto ask the community to encourage their friends and family to come out to hear from educational, spiritual, and government leaders about how "hate is not to be tolerated."                                                   
                                                                        By MALIK A. LYONS August 21, 2017