The Home Bound Cellular Outreach Ministry is an electronic outreach service that provides a means through which those confined to their home, elderly housing facilities, or hospitals can en-joy “live presentations” of our Sunday worship service and recorded educational presentations during the week. The church will own several GrandPad* Tablets and make them available to those members who qualify as confined and unable to attend Sunday worship. 

The tablet will be used exclusively for viewing live streaming religious programs presented by the church. This is a great way to provide a spiritual experience for those who are unable to attend the church. The GrandPad tablet also provides access to weather reports, games, music, photos and YouTube.

A Device Made for The Elderly

With the GrandPad tablet powered by Consumer Cellular, our confined members have the tools they need to connect to the church with total ease. The customized tablet comes with wireless charging cradle, setup guide, and handy stylus for navigation. No internet or modems are required since the tablet works over the T-Mobile/AT&T cellular network like a cellphone. There is no dialing or typing required — just touch the screen. The large fonts and buttons make the GrandPad easy to see and navigate. The smart case turns off the screen when the GrandPad is not in use. There are no wires — the charging cradle is simple to use. 
Once an eligible member has been selected, the church will configure the tablet for service and train the member on its use. The tablet will remain the property of the church and will be loaned to the member.

Custom Configuration

The GrandPad is configured for the following apps: Internet, Call, Email, Photos, Camera, Articles, Weather, Music, Games, Lookup, Toolbox, and Help. Each of the apps can be configured to the person’s personal desires. The Internet app connects directly to the MPBC Streaming Channel., the MPBC Broadcast Channel and the MPBC Website with the push of a button. The Music app connects to the person’s favorite recordings plus additional genres. The Call app allow for calls out (except 911) but only preselected contacts can call in. The Pastor can pray with the homebound person using the video or audio call feature. Photos of special events can be down-loaded to the GrandPad to keep the homebound person informed of church activities. The other apps are standard configurations provided by Consumer Cellular.

*GrandPad is powered by Consumer Cellular